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Iodex® Clasico Analgesic Ointment - 60g

Rubefacient and analgesic ointment indicated for muscle and joint pain caused by blows and sprains, it serves as a treatment for some cold discomforts. With a useful formula for warming up athletes.

Ingredients: Resublimated iodine, methyl salicylate. Therapeutic indications: Rubefacient and analgesic. Ointment indicated for muscle and joint pain caused by bumps and sprains.

How to use: Apply IODEX 2 to 3 times a day before and after exercise, in the areas of the body with which you make the most effort and in painful areas.


Usos: Ungüento rubefaciente y analgésico indicado para dolores musculares y articulares causados por los golpes y torceduras, sirve como tratamiento de algunas molestias del resfriado. Con fórmula útil para el calentamiento de deportistas.

Modo de uso: Aplicar IODEX  2 a 3 veces al día antes y después del ejercicio, en las áreas del cuerpo con las que se realice mayor esfuerzo y en las zonas adoloridas.

Iodex® Clasico Analgesic Ointment

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