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Novex® Argan Oil Extra Deep Hair Care Cream - 400g

Your hair is frizzy, dull and dry? Novex Professional Hair Food Therapy guarantees amazing results for the health and beauty of your hair. Novex Argan Oil is an extra deep hair care cream, for enhanced treatment to restore shine and smoothness on hair with split ends, frizzy, dry and dull. This product is enriched with pure Argan Oil and Vitamin E. Do you know the properties of the 'Moroccan Gold? Known as the Moroccan Gold for its medicinal properties and its versatility, the Argan Oil is a powerful moisturizing and natural antioxidant that fightsthe free radicals, helping to repair damages on the celular membrane, increasing the strength of the capillary fiber and fighting the frizz. More over, it contains Vitamin E, that gives live to the strands and helps to renew the hair against the damages caused by outer agents. Novex Argan Oil is enriched with the most pure oil extracted directly from the Argan trees in Morocco.

  • Extra deep hair care cream
  • Enriched with Pure Argan Oil and Vitamin E. pH 3,5.
  • More shine and smoothness.
  • High concentration. High density. Rich in vitamins

Novex® Argan Oil Hair Treatment Cream

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