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Everything we sell is designed to help you, Enjoy Life, Love Life, Live Life.

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Germa® Verruguin Wart Remover 0.5 oz. Ordinary warts on the hands and feet are caused by viruses. It makes good sense to treat the symptoms of warts.


For the removal of corns and calluses
Relieves pain by removing corns and calluses.


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UbrePlus Tin


For fast temporary relief of minor aches, and pains of muscles and joints, simple back pain, arthritis, strains and sprains. Extra Strength Formula

Ubre Plus Roll On Set.png
UbrePlus Roll-On

Helps relieve muscle and joint pain. It goes on cool and creates a barrier helping to block the pain. UBRE PLUS Roll On is great to apply on painful areas before bed to help you sleep. The main active ingredient is Chile.

Mutton Tallow Tin emboss 2.png


For all manner of skin conditions, including dry, chapped, calloused, cracked, and sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, and more. Excellent as a skin cleanser and also used as a lubricant for tools.

Venosan Front.png
Germa® Venosan
Healthy Looking Skin

Helps support healthy legs reducing capillary permeability in symptoms associated with venous insufficiency.Improvement of capillary permeability in patients with venous hypertension.

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