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Germa® Sesame Oil (Aceite de Ajonjoli) - 1oz

Germa® Sesame Oil has a light nutty smell to it. An excellent natural emollient for the skin and can be used externally and for aroma-therapeutic sauna or steam inhalation. It is an exquisite oil to use in aromatherapy as well. Sesame oil contains sesamol and, two antioxidants that may have powerful effects on your health. Has strong anti-inflammatory properties. May help treat arthritis. May help heal wounds and burns. May protect against UV rays. This carrier oil moisturizes the skin and softens and smoothes the appearance of fine lines. It is a very effective emollient for the skin and has been shown to have some nutritionally helpful components. Sesame oil is compatible with all other oils, so it can easily be added to favorite formulations whether they are bath oils, massage blends, or natural lotions. Sesame Oil is used in skincare both as an emollient and a fragrant oil. For aromatherapy purposes, sesame oil can be diffused with rosemary or orange scents and is excellent for blending massage oils.

Germa® Sesame Oil (Ajonjoli) - 1oz

SKU: 112-26
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