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MayOliva® Conditioner Treatment - 16oz

MayOliva plus Omega 3 is a deep formula, that restores hair fibers and instantly leaves the hair soft, nourished, shiny and without sponginess. This intense treatment is based on repairing and nourishing agents derived from the proteins of the Mayonnaise and olive Oil that returns the moisture and natural lipids provide natural shine to your hair.

Directions: After washing, apply Deep treatment MayOliva plus Omega 3 uniformly for about 15 minutes and remove with plenty water. For a better result apply heat with a hair iron or a hairdryer for about 15 minutes.

Terapia intensiva de acondicionamiento para el cabello seco y maltratado con mas Omega 3.

Suavidad Intensa.

Mayoliva® Conditioner Treatment

SKU: 125-13
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