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Silicon Mix® Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner - 8oz

Restores, moisturizes, smoothes and repairs dry and damaged hair. Penetrates the hair shaft stimulating hair growth and elasticity. Protects against hair breakage adding extreme shine. 

Nourishes Hair with the Highest Quality Cosmetic Grade. Argan Oil Rich in Essential Vitamins and Nutrients. Highly Effective All Hair Types. Contains 100% Pure Argan Oil, rich in Omega 6, Omega 9 and Vitamin E, Macadamia Oil and Keratin enriched. Apply to dry, damaged and brittle hair for a shiny celebrity feel. Deeply Conditions, Detangles, Hydrates, and Revives Dull and Dry Hair Improving its Manageability and Elasticity and giving it a Beautiful Shine.

Silicon Mix® Moroccan Argan Oil - Leave-In Conditioner

SKU: 127-21
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